Wednesday, August 24, 2005

SoCal Connection
Main Man Chewie gets interviewed by CBS 2's Lisa Joyner

LOS ANGELES (ZP) - buddy Eric has finally made it into the Los Angeles media.

I always knew Eric would end up on the nightly news. I never imagined it would be for being one of LA's hottest mixologists. Always figured it would be for something involving a police chase for some reason....hmmm.

Eric was recently interviewed by CBS 2's Lisa Joyner for segment broadcast during CBS 2's nightly newscast.

After viewing the clip several times, I believe E. was flirting with one of LA's hottest reporters...

Click here to visit Lisa's IT LIST site, then select the Bartending School video.

1 comment:

Chewie said...

i don;t know wether to be flattered that you knew i would be on the news sooner or later... or pissed off cause you thought that it would be cause i was in trouble :-)

that was a fun day.. and i am glad you enjoyed it.. and i hope everyone else does as well