Sunday, August 28, 2005

Prayers for the Big Easy Tonight

To all my Louisiana friends and family:

My thoughts and prayers go out to you tonight. Godspeed and good luck. Please be safe. If this is the big one scheduled to hit, please know that if you need anything, give me a holler.

My dad's family hails from Louisiana. My grandfather joined the Navy in New Orleans. His brother, Hubert, played in the honky-tonks and clubs there. My Aunt Marge went to finishing school just across the river on the West Bank.

I know at least a dozen librarians, archivists, and curators who live and breathe Louisiana - good people, good friends, and compatriots all.

I got word that at least one buddy will be riding out Katrina and will still have to head into work tomorrow - the Times-Picayune has to keep putting out newspapers.

God, if you're listening, please keep everybody safe.

J. - New Orleans braces for 'the big one' - Aug 28, 2005

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Smurf said...

Yes, Lord, we come to you and ask for YOUR protection against this hurricane! Please keep the people safe! Thank you for YOUR faithfulness! In Jesus name we ask, AMEN. (Let it be so.)