Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Little League Ump makes Little League game in Massachusetts English-Only

Found this little blood-boiling tidbit over at Library Tavern this evening:

"...last week, at a Little League game in Lakeville, Massachusetts between the towns of Methuen and Seekonk, some kids were taught another, more sobering lesson. There, a Little League umpire banned both coaches and players from speaking anything but English after Methuen assistant coach Domingo Infante told his pitcher in Spanish to try and pick off a runner at second base."

Full Cvoerage Here at the Queens Chronicle Site


Smurf said...

GROWL!!! That is awful... America began as a melting pot, so why does everybody gotta think that it has to be OUR WAY or the HIGHWAY? that is all I have to say.. that particular subject which I hear quite often annoys me... if they come to our country why don't they learn our language... multiple languages... make for smarter people... bilingual children are proven to have higher iq's than monolingual...(is that a word)?

Smurf said...

I hope that came out right..I think it is great to have variety and to have multiple languages..