Sunday, July 03, 2005


Where the F#$k Have I been!?!

A quick post whilst taking a break from revising an article I've been working on for about, oh, ten months.

In St. Louis for the 4th of July weekend, working with my research partner to finish up our article on information poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Right now, I'm feeling a bit information-poor myself, considering I'm sitting in a coffee shop in the Central West End (a truly amazing neighborhood in St. Louis!) and mootching off the free Wi-Fi connection.

All is well, I'm not dead, and I'm having some fun and getting work done.

Back to Oxford Tuesday, clock's ticking.


Ms. Monkeythong said...

I looooove St. Louis! I go there whenever I can. My brothers both live on the Metro East side (AKA Illinois -- one in Fabulous Belleville, home of the late, great Uncle Tupelo), and I've become very fond of the city. If I were to move away from Ohio, that's where I'd like to go. Next time, go to the City Museum -- it's amazing.

Ms. Monkeythong said...

Also -- KDHX is a great radio station, and they stream on the web at