Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Hump Day Playlist - 7/20/05

This week sucks. And its only Wednesday. I've been moving furniture, in meetings, and working on revisions to a now dissertation-sized article on Information Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. At work, I've hardly had time to check messages or answer e-mails.

Being a librarian isn't easy. Anyone who believes otherwise, frankly, can kiss my ass.

The "Get Over Hump Day" Playlist, wih 10 essential vitamins and minerals to start the Zenformation day:

1. Sonic Reducer - The Dead Boys
Have to start out with some old-school mosh pit music to get the blood flowing.

2. Today is the Day - Yo La Tengo
And a little something to mellow me back to normal.

3. All Hell Breaks Loose - the Misfits
Okay...need more aggression.

4. Propaganda - Dead Prez
I've played this song so loud, the floor shook. Yes! Militant. Ready to stick it to the Man once again.

5. I Love Playin' with Fire - The Runaways
Joan Jett. Lita Ford. Mmmm. Who needs the Donnas?

6. Basic Cable - Aesop Rock
Cello and drums, and the AntiCon deep sound. AR is the thinking man's 50 Cent.

7. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner - Warren Zevon
One of the sickest songs from the 1970s. Murder. African mercenaries. Weapons. Headless ghosts seeking revenge against a CIA plant. When I was in the Dick Pickles, our other guitarist, Danny Boy, wanted to do a punk cover of this song. At the time, I thought that was so lame. Now I regret it.

8. Hey Bobby - the Non-Prophets
Ah. More militant music. Ready to overthrow the Man, bring his regime down from the inside, to sabotage Suburbia, to infiltrate gated communities and expose the hypocrisy. Yeah! Where's my black leather Bobby Seale gloves...

9. Electric Fence - Califone
Okay...mellowing back out. By the 3rd cup of coffee, I'm usually cool.

10. Rock and Roll - Velvet Underground know, I once dumped a girl because she turned this song off while I was driving. There were other reasons, but weeks later, I was still pissed off enough to mention it in the "Its just not working out" talk. Well, that and the fact that I've had better conversations with piles of lumber. She was cute but stereotypically SoCal. Vain, self-absorbed, and more worried about her caloric intake than being a human being. But turning off VU was the boiling point.

11. Connected Fo' Life - Mack 10 w. Ice Cube
Why is it that playing anything with Ice Cube makes guys pumping Lil Jon from Mom's SUV scared you're going to "tow down?" Are librarians that intimidating ????


Ogbuefi Stephi said...

haha, that's great about the stereotypically SoCal girl you dumped because she turned off a VU song. hey, to tell you the truth, i would have done the same thing!
hope work goes better than it was starting out!

Anonymous said...

VU's Rock N Roll is a great tune.

Personally, I'm more partial to Stephanie Says and Waiting For My Man. Something about the groove in those two. Then again, all VU is pretty good stuff.

And New York is bar none Lou Reed's best solo work. (though Street Hassle is close)

Smurf said...

I am sorry things are so stressful right now for you. This passed week has "sucked" for me too! Joel's boss bounced our paycheck and the payment to replace it bounced as well. Last time I checked, we were negative like $700... I don't even want to look at it now... I know my whole paycheck will be eaten by it all. I am going to insist he pays all the bank fees it's only fair. So when I tried to call you to talk the first time last week, we were at a point where we didn't have much food, we were out of shampoo, Sebastian dumped out our clothes soap, so we couldn't do laundry, Joel's boss got mad at him that he was out of gas and couldn't go to a job...even though Joel told him, if you meet me and get me some gas I will go...I was just needing an ear. Joel and my marriage has been a bit on the rocks recently... Joel's parents got us some cash through a friend here in the Springs, so we could meet them in Colby, KS and they would take our kid for a week and a half. This is a God-send because we don't have to pay daycare for that period and Joel and I will have time to maybe salvage our marriage. We talked better last night on the trip home from Kansas (where we met Joel's parent's halfway) than we had in... seriously, I don't know how long! SO anyways, sorry to just ooze with my woes of the but I just wanted to let you know that I can relate since my week.. has sorta sucked too!

Love you,

Kara said...

This is one student who appreciates your hard terms of relative worth, one might say that MU and its ungrateful, whiny, popped collar, rich kid brats don't deserve you! Here's hoping your week gets better;)
Catchya Lata

Ms. Jen said...

You listen to the most random tunes first thing in the morning, dude!

Awesome shit, but the VU with Ice Cube? Are you secretly becoming an Art Snob Gangsta...LMAO...I crack myself up sometimes :)


PS - G, I totally fucking agree! Waiting for my Man is an awesome fucking song. I used to listen o it when I'd do stage rehearsals.